With almost 86% of the entire landmass covered with forest and wildlife Andaman has a very low rate of criminal activity and in short can be regarded as a safe place to be. But there remains a problem with the environment and therefore its movement needs to be taken into account for a smooth and happy tour. Andaman is actually a safe destination spot with tourists enjoying uninterrupted travel experiences with respect to the personal safety and security. However, be it on travel or at home one should maintain the same precautions with their personal safety and belongings. You should be prepare for hiking and even might encounter wildlife but at this point of time you must not lose your mind. With some knowledge you can prepare a better trip for yourself.

While trekking you must be aware of certain factors which might include the length of your journey, the time taken and the path followed by you while in your way. It is better to employ a guide in order to have a safe passage but if you are not doing that then the suggestion is that you let someone know the destination of your spot and the tentative time of your return. Wear protective and durable hiking boots, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent and something to protect you from the rain, a topographic map and plenty of water.

It is good and wise to stay away from the beaches during the night as the great number of wild animal that inhabits the place and may pose a threat to you. Besides it is better to avoid the tribal places as they are not accustomed to the ways of life of this side of the world.

Watch out for biting ants if you are sitting under the trees on beach. They are quite large and very poisonous at times. It is better to check the area first before you settle down. They are also on the tree branches and so it will be wise to check them before you hang your belongings.

Snakes are another threat to the smooth travel in Andaman and may sometime pose to be very dangerous. If bitten it is prescribed to take immediate medical attention. Crocodiles inhabits in creeks in South Andaman and certain Islands around Havelock, often changing habitat via sea. When travelling near crocodile habitats do observe safety signs and do not swim in rivers, estuaries or mangrove shores. Also do get some expert advice about crocodiles before camping, fishing or boating.

The waters are sometimes hidden with particular dangers of water current and the sea movements and therefore, it is not advised to swim in places with high end risks for some extra amount of adventure.

Some small precautions can make your trip even more exciting and will be an experience of a lifetime.