Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island is situated inside the Marine National Park and it is a great place to rather chill out as well as indulge in refreshing activities. On the coastal area of the island, the abundance of red coral reefs is seen and that is the reason why the island got its name. A worthwhile travel to the island on a boat would enable you to see the auspicious marine life and the wide extension of red coral reefs, the island boasts of. The uninhabited island has a great range of flora but the number of tourists will make you surprised. Visitors come to Red Skin Island would know about Jolly Buoy Island. Both the island are opened alternatively in six months difference.

Red Skin Island


Wandoor village is located really close to Red Skin Island, about 2 kms distance only. It is the gateway to Mahathma Gandhi National Park and the small village is a tremendous relaxing ground as well. The glass bottom rides along the sea would extend a revamping sight of the precious marine life floating freely through the hindrance free underwater world.

The island will be opened during the months of June, July, August, September and October and that time, monsoon would be visiting the island. This is the time when the number of tourists will be lesser and you would be able to enjoy the island with all its beauty.


 Snorkeling, diving, swimming, island hopping, boating etc have a lot of admirers on this island as the marine world is indescribably stunning.

Distance from Port Blair: It is located at a distance which needs about 40 minute journey from Port Blair.
Red Skin Island Port Blair Andaman


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