Long Island

Long Island

A small, attractive island in Andaman is Long Island with an area of 18 sq.km. It is a modern village with a population of 2000 and the surroundings are superbly maintained. One who visits this island would be able to witness a power-house, a perfect boat building yard, a Senior Secondary School, a bank, hospital, a range forest office, a police outpost etc and these are the reasons behind the wide acceptance of this village among the tourists and natives.

Long island is brimming with the vast and exclusive marine wealth and the beaches are the flamboyant attraction along with the ages-old caves, swaying greenery and stubborn mangrove forests. Long Island is recognized as a perfect spot for adventure tourism as well as the eco space here makes anyone’s attempt to tread along the ways a bit challenging. The dense tropical forests which have a wide range of tall trees that too evergreen trees are extending all their supports to turn the exuberant island a slumberous beauty.

Long Island


The beautiful silvery beaches at Lalaji Bay and Merk Bay along the coasts of Long Island are the featured attraction tourists find exhilarating. Also, a cruise along the creek at Yerrata and the stunning spread of colours during sunset on the waters give Long Island a space in the hearts of photographers and nature lovers explicitly love indulging in extended birding on the island. Andaman Cruise packages are popular among the tourists, so we recommend for a cruise tour when you are Andaman so that you can witness the beauty of Bay of Bengal.


Snorkeling and swimming are the most celebrated activities on the island along with sunbathing and small activities.

Distance from Port Blair: The island is located about 82 kms from Port Blair. You can use the boat service available from Port Blair to Long Island thrice a week.
Long Island Havelock Andaman


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