With white sand beaches, teal shallows, a coast decorated with beach huts and some of the best diving spots in Asia, Havelock matches its well-deserved reputation as a common man’s paradise. For many, Havelock is the sole purpose of Andaman, and is what lures most tourists across the Bay of Bengal, many of whom decide to stay here for the entire trip.

Havelock Island contains the Ritchie’s Archipelago a chain of islands makes it even more interesting with all the fun and excitement one can obtain from the trip. Havelock Island is one of the most celebrated tourist spot in India and is home to some of the best beaches of the Asian sub continent. It is not congested with a lot of people and the din and bustle of civilisation can easily be avoided. With the beaches and the coral reefs this is a place which haunts a lot of tourists.

Radhanagar beach or the beach no. 7 is the most popular beach of them all. Other notable beaches may include Elephant Beach on the northwest coast and Vijaynagar Beach No. 5, Beach No. 3 and Beach No. 1 on the east coast. Kalapathar is another famous beach for a travellers halt. One can go for snorkelling at Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. It is one among the most preferred snorkelling destinations in Andaman Island.

This is a good place for honeymoon and a lot of good resorts provide the perfect blend of nature and happiness.

Various activities can be included in this trip which may include a lot of underwater adventure as the sea a lot of part to play in this tour. Your activities may include scuba diving which gives you a great perspective of life under the sea. It is available in most of the beaches but should be avoided at such places which are inhabited by sharks unless you are an expert in this field. Snorkelling and sea walk are available in the elephant beach, making it a rather unique experience. One cannot feel the essence until he has actually done that. Fishing and a trip to the uninhabited island makes the trip to the Havelock Island even more exciting.

Travelling across this place can be done with the help of ferries either private or government and is the best option to get around the place. You can reach the Havelock Island through Port Blair which is connected to the world by air and sea. It takes two to three hours to reach this place from Port Blair.

Getting to Port Blair is quite convenient, with direct flights from the Indian metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. Taking the air route to Port Blair, travellers can easily take a flight from the aforementioned cities. Following is the schedule for flights from different destinations across India:

Note: Airtel, Vodafone & BSNL are only accessible in Andaman out of which BSNL is accessible in Havelock.

Chennai To Port
Chemmai To Port
New Delhi To Port
New Delhi To Port
Kolkata To Port
Kolkata To Port
Mumbai To Port
Mumbai To Port
Bhubaneswar To Port
Bhubaneswar To Port

These flight timings are subject to change without any prior notice and the travellers are advised to consult the concerned airlines before making the bookings.

Once you get to Port Blair, it is very easy to get to Havelock. Three ferries ply between the 2 destinations on a daily basis. Following are the schedules for different ferries available regularly for the tourists:

Source Destination Ferry Type Departs Duration On Board Canteen
Port Blair Havelock Government Ferry 6:00 am 2.5 hrs No
Port Blair Havelock Government Ferry 2:00 pm 2.5 hrs No
Port Blair Havelock Catamaran Makruzz 8:00 am 1.5 hrs Yes
Port Blair Havelock Green Ocean 9:00 am 2.15 hrs No
Havelock Port Blair Government Ferry 2:00 pm 2.5 hrs No
Havelock Port Blair Government Ferry 4:30 pm 2.5 hrs No
Havelock Port Blair Catamaran Makruzz 4:00 pm 1.5 hrs Yes
Havelock Port Blair Green Ocean 5:15 PM 2.15 hrs No

The privately owned Catamaran Makruzz sail between the months of June and September, as two hull design of this boat results in the boat experiencing quite a lot of rolling and pitching due to sea conditions during this time.

The ferry schedules are subject to change without notice. You are advised to recheck with the Coral Reef at the time of booking.

The Coral Reef is located only 4.6 kilometres away from the Havelock Jetty. Numerous taxis and auto rickshaws are available at the Jetty and with the Coral Reef Resort being quite popular on the island, every driver knows the exact location of the resort.