Elephant Beach is a reveling beauty well presented by the long coral reefs and the shining shoreline settled on the sands of Havelock Island. A peaceful beach with pure serenity and silent ambience will offer the visitors a soothing melody and that would be the perfect time to relax, to walk around with your love or just to do sunbathing. Among the different beach on Havelock Island, Elephant Beach has a special significance because of its friendly atmosphere and not so crowded shoreline. It is an ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving, though boating and other fun, water based activities are also done by the visitors often. Tourists have experienced the best sea walking as well on Elephant Beach. The clear water, the calm waves, the cool breeze and the magnificent sights on the shore have their own impacts on the number of people visiting the beach, and it increases only year by year.

The long array of private boats, fishing boats and buoys extend a riveting beauty to the beach. During monsoon also, tourists love to come on Elephant Beach. People have reported that at times, the wild elephants from the nearby forests come to the beach and stroll along the white sandy bed.


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