CELLULAR JAIL (National Memorial)

CELLULAR JAIL (National Memorial)

The Cellular Jail situated in Port Blair and also called Kaala Paani (black waters) today stands as an epitome of the past reminding of India’s struggle for freedom. The prison which was built in 1906 receives hundreds of tourists every day. Interestingly, the bricks used for building the prison were brought from Burma. The main purpose behind its construction was the solitary imprisonment of the convicts. Hence, it acquired the term Cellular Jail.

The establishment consisted of seven wings made up in a criss-cross pattern having a tower at the centre that was used by the security personnel to keep a close eye on the convicts. It had corridors akin to honeycomb; however, the building later got disfigured and now out of seven only three are intact. Several freedom fighters, such as Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar were imprisoned here. Today, the cellular prison has been transmuted into a hospital comprising multiple beds.


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